• Pick up and drop off is 8-9am, 4-6pm M-F.

  • Sat: 8-9am, 3-4pm

  • Sun: 1-2pm.

  • Please give your dog at least 1 hour of time to digest breakfast before daycare.
  • Vaccinations: follow your veterinarian’s recommendations. ¬†please keep your portal up to date with your latest vaccination dates and copy of your vaccinations from your vet (simple picture is easy to upload straight to portal from your phone). ¬†If your dog receives the bordetella vaccination, the live vaccination in particular, he/she must sit out for 2 weeks before resuming socialization.

  • We ask that you get a new fecal for your dog every 6 months.

  • Dogs are required to be on monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention year round. Heartworm preventatives include preventative for a variety of other parasites.

Thank you!