• Pick up and drop off is 8-9am, 4-6pm M-F.

  • Sat: 8-9am, 3-4pm

  • Sun: 1-2pm.

  • Please give your dog at least 1 hour of time to digest breakfast before daycare.
  • We do not require the Bordetella vaccination because we feel the vaccination is ineffective and causes more colds than it prevents. If you choose to use this vaccination, your dog can not come in for 3 weeks. We are at the mercy of you knowing this, so please understand that your dog is highly contagious with “kennel cough” after they receive this vaccine even though they may show no signs of it. Studies show that they may be contagious longer than that, but it’s a reasonable stab at trying to minimize the possibility of spreading the cold around.  If your dog attends a different dog daycare, grooming or boarding facility they can not come in to our facility for a minimum of 2-3 weeks and must get a new fecal.

  • We ask that you get a new fecal for your dog every 6 months.

  • Dogs are required to be on monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention year round. Heartworm preventatives include preventative for a variety of other parasites.

Thank you!