Doggie Daycare has been around for some time now, in fact it seems like it is growing exponentially…. but is it good for your dog? Maybe! Looking at it from a training perspective, I have a hard time ignoring the philosophy I grew up on—that dogs need to learn to ignore and leave other dogs alone first. This is actually the basis for our obedience school training. For this reason, we do daycare the way we would do it with our own dogs. First your dog will get comfortable around other dogs, and then when (and IF!) he or she is ready to play, we will slowly introduce him/her to the other dogs for play. We carefully monitor interactions and do not allow dogs to pick on or get picked on by other dogs. Dogs spend as much time as possible outdoors, in our large fenced in yard, enjoying the countryside. If daycare is not a good fit for your dog, we will communicate this with you.

Daycare can be a great way to assist in housetraining a pup, to provide exercise, to improve your dog’s social skills or to give your dog company all day while you work! Contact us to see if it is right for your dog! Generally speaking, regular attendance is required (minimum of 1 day/wk). Daycare is $25/day.  M-F.