18 Cross Rd
Westminster, MA 01473

Phone 978-874-2071 (Call or Text!)
Fax 888-827-1933

Mon- Fri
Pick up and Drop offs 8-9am, 4-6pm

Pick up and Drop offs 8-9am, 3-4pm

Pick up and Drop offs 1-2pm Only.

We are By Appointment Only, please call to set up an appointment for a meet and greet. We do our best to return calls and texts Mon-Sat as soon as possible.  Due to the nature of the calls (volume and that they are sometimes detailed), it can sometimes take us up to 48 hours to get back to you, we appreciate your patience and we do ask for your patience on Sundays as well, as we limit correspondence to customers with a dog staying with us, and time sensitive matters, etc. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update 2023:  due to the high volume of calls and messages, we apologize that we can not get back to everyone.  If you are interested in our services, the best thing to do is text us with your basic info (your dog’s info, training vs just daycare etc) and then continue to check in every month if you are still interested.  We don’t have the manpower to maintain a waitlist but this in effect serves as one…  please keep in mind we do not do “boarding only” dogs, we only board dogs that come regularly for daycare or training/daycare etc..  and we only board a dog once they are acclimated here for awhile…   thank you!